Greetings! I’m Andrew. I’m a road cyclist and this is my guide to crushing it midlife in lycra. I’d love to say that the road cyclist’s guide is designed for fit, young, trendy iron man types who have their lives completely sorted and unlimited time and cash for cycling.

But sadly, it’s not!

However, if you love cycling, aren’t as fit as you would like to be, are slightly perplexed by life, frequently retreat into your man cave and are of a certain age then you’ll feel right at home here! My posts are intended to help you get the best out of life, get fitter, get faster and enjoy your cycling as well.

Am I an all-knowing, wise and revered ninja guru?

Erm…. no.

I’m just an ordinary bloke. I’m a dad to three teenage girls (sympathy please), a musician, photographer, blogger and mad keen road cyclist.

But somehow, a bit by luck and also by will power, I made some significant changes in my 40’s that made it the best decade of my life so far. For many men this time can be a bit of a crunch point, the statistics for male suicide and depression are alarming and many are struggling with what it means to be masculine in the 21st century. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do passionately want to pass on my experience to try to help others.

Cycling was one of my salvations! It’s become a focus and a reference point for me and the cornerstone to so many positive and life affirming experiences. So, The Road Cyclist’s Guide is about life, middle age, joy and frustration and trying to find the meaning of life all within the context of the cycling lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy it! You can get in touch with me in the comments and on my Facebook Page here.

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