Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand Review

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If you are serious about looking after your road bike then there’s no doubt that having a bike maintenance stand is a great idea. Using one saves all of that work bending down and on your hands and knees and, most importantly, allows you to move the transmission system whilst the bike is stationary – great for cleaning and lubricating your chain! Hopefully this review of the Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bike Repair Stand will be helpful – it’s one of the most popular bike repair and maintenance stands on Amazon and has some great reviews!

If you are a regular cyclist then repairing and maintaining your bike will be a part of everyday life. You might only do simple things like wash and clean your bike and do simple adjustments like indexing your gears but, for everything from a simple chain lube to a full service a bike maintenance stand is going to make life significantly simpler and more comfortable!

Basically a stand will hold your bike still whilst you work on it at a comfortable level so that you can stand rather than crouch down. You will also be able to spin the wheels and pedals freely. In fact once you start working with a stand you will probably wonder how you managed without one.

So, what are the things to consider when buying one and what makes the Bikehand Pro Mechanic Repair Stand such a good purchase?

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Types of bike maintenance stands

There are two types of stands available. One is the tube clamping type where the stand clamps around the bikes tubing, maybe the seat post or the cross bar. The second type mounts the bike via the axle/bottom bracket.

The tube clamp style is the most popular and for most bikes it will do just fine. If you have a super aero frame that just sin’t suitable to clamp to then the bottom bracket mounting stand will be the one for you but a majority of riders will be fine with the tube clamping type.

One huge advantage of the bottom clamp stand is that you can spin the whole bike 360 degrees although you will need to remove the front wheel to get it on the stand. These are also a bit smaller than the clamp stands but tend to be a bit more specialist and expensive.

Portable or permanent

There are pros and cons to having either a portable or permanent stand. The permanent ones are more sturdy just by their size and design but obviously take up considerably more room. If you have a dedicated cycle work space and you work on your bikes frequently then the permanent bike maintenance stand makes perfect sense.

For those of us with more limited space and who maybe just work on the bike every so often then the fold up portable stand style will be absolutely fine. They aren’t as sturdy or long lasting but for lighter occasional use are just fine.

Head Angle adjustments

You need to check that the all important head clamp will rotate as much as possible and preferably through 360 degrees. The more flexibility of movement the head has the easier it will be to get your bike perfectly and safely positioned on it so this is worth checking out.

Working height

One of the main advantages of using a bike maintenance stand is so that you don’t have to work on your hands and knees. Check that the stand you are interested in adjusts up to a suitable height for you to comfortably work or you may as well just be on the floor! I’m about 6’5” tall so this is particularly important for me as I don’t wan to be bending or stooping forward as I work.

Load capacity

All stands will have a maximum load capacity and it’s always worth checking that your bike falls well within it. Assuming you are riding a road bike this is unlikely to be a problem but if you want the stand for holding maybe a mountain bike or a touring bike as well you might need to check this out.

Tool trays

For maximum convenience it’s a good idea to have your tools handy and most bike maintenance stands will have built in tool trays or holders. Some of them also have a modular system by which you can purchase extra holders for bits and pieces as well.

So, how does the Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand measure up against all of this?

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that the stand is essentially a mid price point bike stand and, for what you get for the money offers extremely good value. You get what you pay for with a stand and the cheaper stands often have issues with stability and reliability. To get a stand significantly better than the Bikehand Pro Mechanic you would need to be looking at the Park Tool range which, in terms of weight and quality is superior but is twice the price.

So the Bikehand stand offers a good balance of quality and price and would be ideal for light use for day to day maintenance and cleaning. It’s not really designed for heavy all day long use and will probably spend a majority of it’s time neatly folded away as it’s portable and compact. For a portable compact quality stand for the home mechanic it does a great job though.

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In terms of it’s vital statistics the Bikehand Promechanic stacks up well with a good quality head that will rotate through 360 degrees making it easy to get the bike in exactly the right position. The clamp teeth are well padded and the locking mechanism is of good quality. It takes a bit of practice to hold the bike in one hand and tighten with the other but the teeth in the mechanism and the screw itself work well. It’s certainly significantly better than other stands at a similar price point and below.

However, the only negative comments I have come across about the stand have been about the clamping mechanism and it’s durability. I think, reading between the lines, that most of the problems have occurred with extremely heavy use and also with clamping heavy bikes. In these situations a more heavy duty stand might be more appropriate as discussed above. There would be significantly more expensive, permanent or bulky though so I guess it’s really a case of horses for courses.

In use there is plenty of clearance for the pedals to rotate whilst the bike is on the stand and it extends to between 1m and 1.5m in height. Weight wise there is a 25kg limit which won’t bother road cyclists at all.

The Bikehand Pro Mechanic comes with a tool tray and arrives fully assembled and ready to go. It’s just a case of unpacking it and setting up the legs which adjust with very simple quick release levers.


The Bikehand Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand has great reviews and any negative ones essentially seem to be from heavy users who are maybe expecting a more professional heavy weight performance from what is essentially an occasional consumer bike stand.

If you want a good quality stand at a great price and want to keep it folded away when not in use then this could well be the stand for you. For a road cyclist who maybe does weekly cleaning and maintenance it would be perfect.

For me, I couldn’t really justify spending anymore. It would feel like overkill to buy a Park Tools stand for example and the Bikehand stand is the perfect compromise between cost and function.

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